New Port Richey, Florida -- November 4, 2002-- T-Tapp, Inc. (, a privately owned company run by fitness and nutrition expert Teresa Tapp, today announced dramatic preliminary findings from a monitored exercise study it has been conducting since October 10, 2002 at the Veterans Administration Outpatient Clinic (“VA Clinic”) in New Port Richey, Florida. A joint effort between the VA Clinic and T-Tapp, Inc., the “T-Tapp’s VA Clinical Benefits Study” (“T-Tapp Study”) was undertaken to measure the clinical benefits of the “T-Tapp Workout for Super Fat Burning and Inch Loss,” a revolutionary, comprehensive workout consisting of a series of patented, sequential movements designed to put the body in proper functional alignment and restore metabolic function.

Two Certified T-Tapp Trainers are leading a group of 25 women and 1 man, comprised of VA Clinic doctors, nurses, administrators, and support staff through 12 one-hour T-Tapp Workout sessions over a period of 4 weeks. After only 8 workout sessions, however, the T-Tapp Study organizers report dramatic results. Average inch loss is 8.5 inches, with measurements taken from the chest/bust, arms, waist, abdomen, hips, right and left upper and lower thighs, and calves. There has also been a notable reduction in the severity of several chronic medical problems, as measured by blood pressure, cholesterol levels, symptoms, and overall sensations of well-being. 

VA Clinic Head Nurse and diabetic study participant Jane Doe remarked that, “After just eight T-Tapp workouts, my blood sugar level has decreased significantly— if this continues, I will be able to come off of my insulin pills.” Doe added, “I’ve also had chronic back and neck pain for several years now, but since T-Tapping, I can now lift my arm over my head, and my back pain is gone.”  Betty Smith, a receptionist at the VA Clinic and another study participant who has suffered from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome for the past five years, commented, “I used to be so exhausted that I couldn’t do a thing after I got home from work, but now I have so much more energy. In fact, just last weekend I mowed my lawn.”

VA Clinic staff participants voluntarily joined the T-Tapp Study. While it requires no change in eating habits, the scheduled T-Tapp Workouts had to fit into their schedule and they had to be willing to be consistent in their participation. Except for Columbus Day and Halloween, the participants have met every Monday through Thursday evening since October 10th, in the VA Clinic’s first floor lobby for an hour of T-Tapping. Measurements of inches lost, blood pressure, cholesterol levels, and symptoms were taken after the eighth workout, and will be taken again after all 12 workout sessions are completed.

“When Teresa Tapp approached me about bringing T-Tapp to the VA Clinic, I was thrilled,” said Pam Whatsit, Director of Administration at the VA Clinic. “Several of our doctors have referred patients to Teresa for rehabilitative therapy in the past, with excellent results.” Tapp, the creator of the T-Tapp Workout said, “I’m incredibly excited about this study at the VA Clinic. The preliminary results confirm what we’ve seen all across the country—that my Total System is the most effective on the market today!”

About the T-Tapp Workout
As an exercise program, T-Tapp doesn't fall into a particular category. It is a low-impact regimen that works both biochemically and physiologically, incorporating elements of Yoga, Tai Chi, Pilates, Alexander, isometrics, resistance training, and dance. T-Tapp combines these effective approaches to building the body with Teresa Tapp’s patented principles and copyrighted moves, resulting in a revolutionary new workout. It requires no equipment, and can be done in an area no more than 3 square feet, yet doing the 35 to 55 minute program increases the heart rate to what physicians consider a cardio-training level. T-Tapp literally resets and rebuilds primary body functions such the lymphatic system, endocrine system, metabolic rate, and elimination systems. Due to the utilization of comprehensive, compound muscle movement, rapid reshaping and rehabilitation can take place with T-Tapp, which is consistent with the results being seen from the study at the VA Clinic.

About the Veterans Health Administration
The Veterans Administration Outpatient Clinic is located at 1900 Little Road, New Port Richey, Florida. It is member of the Veterans Healthcare System, whose mission is to serve the needs of America's veterans by providing primary care, specialized care, and related medical and social support services. For more information, see

About T-Tapp, Inc.
Founded in 1998 by Teresa Tapp, T-Tapp, Inc. is a privately owned instructional and educational fitness company headquartered in Safety Harbor, Florida. The T-Tapp Team is comprised of home office staff and 14 Certified T-Tapp Trainers in X states across the United States and internationally. Through the efforts of its founder, Teresa Tapp, and its network of trainers, T-Tapp trains and educates hundreds of men and women each year, helping them achieve optimal fitness results.

Instructional videos and cassettes for the T-Tapp Workout for Super Fat Burning and Inch Loss, as well as T-Tapp’s trademarked CRT™ Cellulite Removal and Skin Tightening System, are available on the T-Tapp web site at Additional information about T-Tapp, its workout system, and the locations of its Certified T-Tapp Trainers is available on the web site, or at 1-800-342-0717.

About Teresa Tapp
An exercise physiologist and rehabilitative trainer, Teresa Tapp holds a Bachelor's Degree in Exercise Physiology, with an emphasis on Public Health, Nutrition, and Education. Her Master's thesis was entitled, "Metabolisms in Women Over the Age of 30." Tapp is also a spokesperson for Nikken, a Japanese company with over 30 million satisfied customers that is recognized as a world leader in wellness.

For many years, Tapp worked within the international modeling industry, for several agencies including Ford, Metropolitan, and Page Parkes. Tapp has worked with top super models, including Claudia Schiffer and Naomi Campbell. Relying on her background as a rehabilitative trainer and her own rehabilitation from having chipped two vertebrae, Tapp originally created exercises for models to do in the space of their hotel rooms. Since then, Tapp has discovered important connections between nutritional needs and a woman's biochemistry, specifically blood type, genetics, body type and chronological age. Tapp is passionate about sharing her valuable expertise with women of all ages, and is living proof that, at age 40 and beyond, your body can be a lean, well-tuned, balanced machine, without spending hours at the gym.


The information, opinions and recommendations contained in this press release is for publicity and educational purposes only. It is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. No one should act upon any information provided in this news release without first seeking medical advice from a qualified medical physician. The information is provided with the understanding that neither the information providers nor T-Tapp, Inc. are engaged in rendering legal, medical counseling or other professional services or advice, and neither shall be liable or responsible to any person or entity for any loss or damage caused, or alleged to have been caused, directly or indirectly by or from the information or ideas contained, suggested, or referenced in this press release.
Healthcare Workers Experience Dramatic Benefits From T-Tapp Workouts
V.A. Outpatient Clinic and T-Tapp, Inc. Partner in Clinical Study of T-Tapp Workout
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